The Industries We Service

At Focus we pride ourselves on completing high-quality work and building lasting relationships in the process. Click on a thumbnail below to explore a specific industry we serve and why Focus Design Builders are the right partner for you next build.

Churches & Houses of Worship

In church design and construction, we recognize that the finished project is much more than just the brick, mortar, and steel it’s made up of - it is part of the process of building God’s kingdom. Trust, patience, and consideration for those involved in the church as well as the community members are vital to transforming the structure into a sacred place.

Colleges & Universities

A great college or university is made up of a diverse selection of educational departments, campus activities, athletics, and the staff and students that participate in these programs. A recognizable school has incorporated its values and personality into the very structure of its buildings and architecture. Focus Design Builders can help create and design the distinct appearance that will make your great school stand out.

Commercial & Retail

The building your business occupies is an outward expression of your company’s personality and values. Whether your project is new construction, an upfit, expansion, or renovating an existing structure, we will customize your space to maintain your personalized brand.


As a manufacturer, you’re involved in a production system that promotes efficiency from raw material to finished product. At Focus, we use a similar conversion process. We work directly with your company to design specific blueprints until we have constructed the ideal facility to optimize your company’s workflow.


Not only do your patients require focused support and specialized care, but the medical facilities you work in do too. Let Focus serve as your construction caretakers. We will build a medical facility equipped with all necessary components for the safe operation of your skilled practice.

Municipal & Government

Government and municipal buildings are visual representations of the standards and security provided by a community or city. At Focus we dedicate our resources and efforts to planning, managing, and completing the highest standard of construction and design adapted to meet the specific criteria of your community.