Your medical practice is not only a productive facility, but more importantly, it is a support system for the physically and mentally impaired. The building in which you operate must adhere to the needs of both your patients and your personnel.

Focus understands the intricacies involved in medical facility construction. We create a specialized team to develop a comprehensive masterplan to account for various medical practices, as well as specific interior layouts such as ventilation, backup power, and location-specific accessibility.

We strive to make the stages of construction as painless as possible. We realize critical medical issues cannot be put on hold due to messy construction. We ensure all construction is orchestrated in a timely manner so that existing medical facilities remain fully operational.

Project(s) and Client Examples

“I really enjoyed Focus because of the whole process. Every aspect of the design build process with Focus was a good feel. Everything worked. The space, the workability…every station in this office is thought out with the owners and with Focus. They help you through the entire process.”

– Craig Moffat, Owner
Moffat Pipe, Inc.

“The value of Focus is they’re at the table to hear the first concept so that we all understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We can save the owner a lot of money. We can also get them in the building faster.”

– John McGahey, Architect and Owner
McGahey Design

“We see good results with Focus because they’re good communicators. They’re very open book about their cost of construction. They look for opportunities to save some money so they can pass those savings back to the owners.”

– Jim Sherrer, Architect and Owner
Design Development

Cary Medical

Cary Medical is located off of Carpenter Fire Station Road in Cary, NC. There were a few out-of-the-norm obstacles through which Focus had to maneuver in order to help the Owners have the building they desired. Utilizing tilt-up concrete panels with brick veneer helped the building rise quickly and provided a cost savings to the Owners. The building was designed to encompass both a two-story office building and a one-story, covered parking garage, as well as two banks of elevators, providing patients and other visitors with a secured, weather-proof entry.

  • 55,365 SF
  • Tilt-up concrete
  • Underground parking incorporated into building

Triangle Vascular Center/American Access Care

The Triangle Vascular Center in Cary, NC needed a construction company who could renovate their existing offices and surgical rooms and add a much-needed Operating Room to their existing facility. All work was to be completed on weekends and after hours, as the Center was still serving patients during the day. This required careful coordination with subcontractors, and very detailed clean-up and construction containment for the benefit of the Center's staff and patients.

  • Approximately 6,800SF Renovation
  • After-hours and weekend construction times
  • Maintained building in prime working order for customers during regular office hours


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