Your government and municipal buildings are a visual representation of the standards and security you provide to your community. To design and construct such iconic structures, we work with you to develop a thorough master plan that is tailored to your specific criteria and abides by the appropriate municipal codes.

Throughout the construction process, we strive to set up weekly OAC meetings (Owner, Architect, and Contractor) to ensure all aspects of the project are meeting expectations.

Focus has managed 15-20 million dollars worth of fire department projects alone. Our personal investment involves three active firefighters at Focus--including both CEO Paul Eitel and CFO David Williams--combining to total approximately 50 years of involvement with fire departments.

Tax Exemptions:

We employ a full construction accounting staff that can assist in financial matters by breaking down billing and addressing relevant federal and state tax exemption processes.

Project(s) and Client Examples

“Focus Design Builders, LLC has provided to us an exemplary experience of customer service and professionalism. The firm was extremely competent in execution of all work—including expert handling of any unforeseen issues that naturally arise in the course of any building project.”

– Ron Early, Fire Chief
Wake Forest Fire Department

“Focus Design has been awesome to work with. They have gone above and beyond with helping us understand the obstacles with our facilities. They have been very creative and innovative.”

– Marla Akridge, President
Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce

“I think, with Focus Design Builders, they come in and become part of your family.”

– Kent Price
Archer Lodge Fire Department

Archer Lodge Fire Department

The Archer Lodge Fire Department project consisted of interior remodeling, as well as cohesive new additions to expand upon the appearance of the existing structure. Between value engineering and budget management, Focus overcame exterior issues of the fifteen-year-old building and excavated 3-4 feet of bad soil. We maintained strict time frames given the order change, and accommodated our clients in the alteration of the project budget. Specific additions and remodeling involved:

  • Site excavation and soil replenishment
  • Updated appliances and kitchen remodel
  • Living quarters
  • New bathrooms
  • Training room remodel
  • Office space additions
  • New bay areas
  • Patio construction
  • HVAC redesign and mezzanine space

Wake Forest Police Department

In 2012, Focus completed a 7,169 SF renovation to the primary Police Station in Wake Forest. The renovation consisted of major remodel of the interior spaces to create a new, secured entry area and revamped offices, as well as other necessary spaces. We also added a small enclosed area with ballistic glass in which visitors to the Station can safely call a dispatcher for assistance before being let into the interior of the building. (Due to the secure nature of this facility, only publicly-available photos are available, and no further specifications may be given.)

City of Raleigh - Revitalization Area

Focus was awarded the opportunity to build a single-family housing complex in downtown Raleigh as part of the City’s downtown revitalization project. The government-funded HUD project is located near the campus of St. Augustine's College. (Due to the nature of this project, it was requested we not display images. No references are available, as government entities are not allowed to show favoritism.)

Wake Forest Fire Department

When Wake Forest Fire Department determined the time was upon them to construct a new fire station to accommodate the tremendous growth in and around Wake Forest, analysis showed they had a very specific area in which they needed to build in order to meet the needs of the community. The constraints of that area necessitated the purchase of a property that--although it met the community’s needs--unfortunately required some very difficult site work, including seeking special approval from the City of Raleigh to extend utilities into a watershed area. The hard work paid off for the Department, as they are now able to fully serve an area which had historically suffered longer-than-desired wait times for service (a survey taken two years after the Station opened showed a decrease in average response time from 10.5 minutes to 3.3 minutes). Focus constructed a 9,542 SF building hosting engine bays, a commercial kitchen, living quarters, lounge areas, and offices to allow the fully staffed Station to serve our community with the excellence they so strongly desire.

Small Municipal Projects

In addition to larger municipal projects, we have been involved in several smaller projects, such as the renovation of Wake Forest’s Holding Park Poolhouse and Bathroom Renovation. The poolhouse and bathrooms were in desperate need of updating, as it had been decades since they had last been refreshed. Focus won the bid for this renovation, and the public feedback has been wonderful!


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